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How to Protect Your Business Information

premium-internet-services11It doesn’t matter if you have a big or small business, as everyone uses now computers and mobile devices for running the business. The IT solutions that are chosen usually go hand in hand with the telecom solutions that are provided, but keep in mind that your systems need to be extremely protected to make sure that you don’t lose the valuable data that you store.

Some might call it paranoia, but it’s actually what works best. Don’t consider that your business might be too small for a hacker to get an interest in it – for them it doesn’t matter, because any information that they get could prove to be valuable.

IT security can be daunting if you don’t have an IT department and someone to manage it, but you could easily do some things that could help you guard the data that you use.

Encrypting the Hard Drives

It doesn’t matter how many PC or laptops you use, as you can do the same for each and every one of them. You need to implement a full-disk encryption on each of those devices, as the password that you use for opening the system doesn’t actually offer a valid protection against threats coming from hackers. Apart from this, if someone tries to recover the deleted files, it’s an easy task especially if the disk has no encryption.

You could also do this selectively – meaning files or folders, but it’s better to add an encryption system for all of the hard drive.

Limited Access

Encrypting everything requires the use of passwords, so make sure you set in place a strong enough password that can’t be easily guessed. Make it from al alpha numerical character string, that you can still remember. You can also configure the system to ask the password when exiting the sleep mode. You can also limit the access to those who don’t need to know the password, so give it only to those employees that work on a need to know basis.

Password Manager

technical-servicesThis is a kind of program that can generate strong passwords for different sites or applications and can also store them securely for you to access at any given time. It’s not safe to use the same password for all the sites and all the applications that you use, and this offers you the opportunity to choose wise strong passwords without forgetting them.

The Security Updates

Any business should operate only with legit operating systems, as this offers more security and protection. However, it’s also important that you don’t turn off the security updates that the operating system requires. You need to make sure that the update system is configured in a correct manner, so that it can download the updates automatically. Apart from this, the system will also check itself for failed updates or errors and it will notify you so that you can take the right action toward it. The same should be done for other applications that run legit, and you could even install a free patch management program that can track and install the needed updates to a big number of third party applications.

5 Tips for Deciding on the Best Tech Solutions

smart_city.jpg.800x600_q96Every activity that is run today through a business is actually run with the help of technology, and everyone has noticed that the existing solutions could be hard to manage, not to mention complicated enough to give business-owners real headaches. If you’re one of those that don’t know what to choose, just think that you’re going to have to stick to the tech solutions that you’ve chosen for your business for quite some time, and any change that you will make, will impact the activity of your business.

However, when you think about choosing the right IT solution and technology for your activity, consider that you’ll have to put first the business and your customers, because the needs of your employees and the needs of your customers is what matters most.

That’s one of the reasons why it’s important to adopt newer technology solutions, so that everything could be easier, as there are software programs adapted for offering anything, from workforce management to payroll.

Here are some factors that you’ll have to take into consideration when choosing the best tech solution for your small business.

Rich User Experience

Specialists say that it’s important for the business owner to have the option to do what he wants, when he wants, where he wants and also how he wants, without meeting any interruptions during the processes. That’s why there should be implemented a SaaS platform – Software-as-a-Service platform, based on an intuitive user interface with a wide range of devices that is actually based on intelligence, simplicity and consistency.

Evolving Possibilities

As it’s important to have a tech solution that can evolve in the same pace with your business, the cloud based platforms are what specialists recommend, as these are very good at meeting the growing customers’ demands.


The Saas platforms are recommended because they can be easily accessed by users wherever they are, at any given time. This makes it easier for business owners to accomplish all that they want, but it also offers a secured access for their employees and for their partners, on their own IT devices.

Apart from this, consider also that the mobile solutions are on the market to allow business owners to run their businesses on the go, while also having the computers and laptops available for improved productivity.


tele_sbFor every business, no matter how big or small, keeping the data secured is extremely important. This being said, the recommended platform of SaaS has proved to be even better at protecting sensible data and information than a traditional software. Those who offer this platform are always improving it, accessing and using state of the art data centers and new technologies that smaller business can’t access or use.

Customer Service

Whenever you’re implementing a new technology for your business like introducing a hidden contact number into your company, make sure they have the right customer service. This is important because during the set-up period and even some time after, there could be problems. You’ll need live help for solving these issues and the vendor of the tech services needs to be ready to offer you satisfying solutions.

Choosing the Right Business IT and Telecom Solutions

When you have a business, it’s extremely important to have it run perfectly, so you’ll need to set up everything from the start so that you have a bigger chance at being successful. No matter what type of business you’ve started out, you definitely need the right IT and telecom solutions for your activity, as this is what actually keeps you going. You can’t keep writing on paper and there are plenty of programs on the market that could help you keep the stocks or the evidence of papers.

antenna1This being said, you’re going to need to get the right telecom solutions for your business, so that it makes your job easier. Let’s see how you can do this with a few tips.

What You Need

There are plenty of specialized companies that can offer you IT solutions for your business, but you’re going to know what you need in terms of computers and other equipment. Having the right provider in terms of IT support is essential, and it should be the same with the one that provided all the equipment in the first place.


Browse the internet and see what specialized companies there are in your area. They should be able to satisfy your necessities, even if all that you need are two computers and the right internet connection. They could provide this to you, or you could also search for a telecommunication company that can offer you a deal for internet and phone services.

Talking with Them

Once you find someone that could offer you what you need, give them a call and ask about their offers. Tell them exactly what you need or ask them for advice. Usually, they have the needed experience to be able to tell you if you need something else. Apart from this, ask if they can also offer IT support. This is essential, because you cannot be expected to fix a problem that relates to IT equipments on your own and this should come with a maintenance fee that you have to pay each month. It’s a simple contract but it keeps you out of worries.

The Services

Apart from getting the right computers, printers and other things, you’re also going to need to have internet access and of course access to a phone service. These could be obtained from a telecommunication company that offers these services for business, so look out for them. The internet connection is important because you’re going to also run a website and you need to make sure that you can always access it.

Apart from this, the phone service will allow you to talk to your customers and other clients, so you’re going to need plenty of minutes that you can use each month.

The Contract

For both of the companies that offer you IT solutions and telecom solutions, make sure you get a contract. They might say that you have to sign for a certain period of time. However, make sure from the start that you can afford to pay for what they are asking, including IT support and anything else that might appear.

pantelecom-services-strip-telephonesIt’s important because this allows you to have a smoothly running business, and if any of your services are not delivered anymore, you might have difficulties in managing your operations.

In the end, everything that you do needs to help you have an easy time managing your business, and with the right IT equipment and support, everything will seem a lot easier.